The company

The company was born in 1963 as a grinding workshop. We've gained an high experience in the mechanical sector and now we propose us like supplier of high precision mechanical parts in complete supply.

We have, also, a production unit in Craiova (Romania), in order to offer a larger range of processing with high competitive prices.

Moreover, we have established a formalized network of supply companies ( that allow us to complete the range of offers for our customers in the mechanical field, from the planning stage and the engineering to the realization of the parts.

We're able to manage, for our customer, all the finishes and the treatments that we don't carry out in our factory (thermal treatment, painting, galvanizing, etc…) in order to offer a complete service; our large suppliers network allow us to act quickly, thanks to the geographic proximity and the high specialization, and the prices remain consistent with the more and more exigent market needs.

We're organized so as to activate all and only the expertises that are indispensable to solve the problem; that means that all the costs are allocated with reference to the real needs of the customers, in order to don't load the more simple action with excessive costs.