HI-MEC.IT Network

Our company is involved in a formalized network made by 9 Bologna's enterprises with an ultra-thirty years experience in the subcontracting mechanical field (from welding to electrical wiring, from milling to lapping), which assure moderateness, quality, reliability and accuracy.

Hi-mec is a reality which boasts more than one hundred employees in total and a global turnover exceeding 14 million euros.

Thanks to the versatility of his services and products she turns to several industrial sectors: engineering, automotive, ground handling, furniture, small metal parts, packaging, the railway sector, electro-medical and transport field.

The mission of our network is the complete satisfaction of his customers; it is structured in 9 division that, through their division directors, may answer rapidly to the customer's requirements.

Besides, the net is structured to meet in the best way the customer's requirements, activating the necessary and more competitive companies only.